In servicing an Insurance programme, Kein Insurance Agency ensures that all claims are handled and concluded with minimum delay. For this to be possible, it is necessary to ensure that:-

The Claim is admissible.
The Claim is reported on time.
The Loss adjuster receives full co-operation from all concerned parties.
The claim is fully documented.
If all the above factors are met, settlement of the claim is made expeditiously.

As Kein Insurance Agency we follow the following procedure:-

1. Provide our clients with a write-up on the preliminary, technical and physical procedure to follow on claims under each of the different classes of insurance.
2. On occurrence of the loss or damage and on receiving notification:-
Promptly report the claim to the concerned Insurance Company.
Ensure the prompt appointment of a Loss adjuster or Assessor where one is required, and follow up to ascertain that the Loss.
Adjuster or Assessor proceeds to visit the site of the loss or damage for investigation.
Depending on the nature, magnitude or seriousness of the loss or damage, send a representative to the site.
Maintain a constant track of the Adjuster’s investigation or adjustment of the loss.
Give advice and assist in the completion of Claim forms, where necessary, and the compiling of the required claims supporting documents and/or any other details.
Follow up the Insurance Company to ensure that where a claim has been fully documented, it is promptly settled.
In the case of Motor Vehicles Claims, constantly check with the garage and ensure that repairs are carried out without undue delay.
In respect of legal liability claims ensure that prompt attention is accorded to legal procedures for instance, “summons to enter appearance in court” are passed on to or advised to the Insurance Company for immediate action.
3. In general, negotiate all claims with the Insurance Company to a satisfactory conclusion in the best possible interest of the Insured.
4. Maintain a claims database to be regularly reviewed with the insured.
5. Regularly appraise the insured of changes in any relevant legislation and procedures.